Senior Capstone

Part of the requirements of the Global Studies Program is a Capstone Project. During our senior year, we do a year-long research project on a globally themed topic. My Capstone Project is on targeted advertising. Targeted advertising is a global issue threatening people's privacy and basic human rights. For my senior Capstone Project, I will not only investigate the issues of targeted advertising but also the history and production of advertising. A Senior Capstone Project includes a research paper and two products. A product is a representation and proof of your research and can span from running a workshop to creating a physical representation of your work.  

Internship at Cronin

During my senior year, we were given two weeks off of school we were was expected to find internships. I was able to find an internship at Cronin Advertising Agency in Glastonbury Connecticut. Although this internship did not relate exactly to targeted advertising it allowed me to learn about how advertising agencies worked. I was able to observe meetings, talk to people from different aspects of the agency, and also I was able to do work for different companies.     

The collection of data without permission or knowledge of the person is unethical because it violates people's right to privacy. By collecting people’s private data without their permission, companies are taking away people’s right to chose. Privacy on the internet is regarded the same ways as one's things, no foreign party, be that citizen, government, or company, should be allowed to view or explore it without the express condition of the person.

Research Paper

Social Justice Day Seminar

For my Capstone Product I, along with a couple of my classmates ran a Social Justice Day Seminar on data collection and privacy. My portion of the seminar was focused on the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data collection scandal. Besides informing the people at the seminar about what happened, I also discussed the punishment of the parties involved and discussed with the seminar goers about if enough was done, and what kind of precedent this scandal set.  Press below to see the full seminar. 

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